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Harrison H. (Jack) Schmitt

Jack Schmitt – astronaut, professor, author, and United States Senator from New Mexico – is privileged to have been the only geologist to explore on the Moon. He was an active participant in the Apollo space program, helping to design the science mission to the Moon, select landing sites, and develop field equipment used on the moon to sample rocks found there. Jack’s opportunity of a lifetime came in December, 1972 when he and fellow astronaut Gene Cernan flew on Apollo 17, the final Apollo mission. They logged 301 hours and 51 minutes in space, including 22 hours and 4 minutes spent in extravehicular activity on the lunar surface collecting a record 249 pounds of lunar material. These Moon rock samples continue to provide a rich source of information for scientists studying the Earth’s history. Jack is a strong advocate for further exploration and eventual settlement of space. He has received countless awards, including an asteroid named in his honor – Asteroid 7749 Jackschmitt.

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