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Richard Vincelette

Dick Vincelette is a former Shell geologist who became an outstanding oil-finder for Trend Exploration Limited’s exploration team in Denver, Colorado. In 1969, Dick was the team leader assigned to explore for Miocene reefs in the Salawati Basin of Irian Jaya, Indonesia (since renamed West Papua Province, Indonesia), an area where Shell Oil had found the Klamono reef many years before. A concession was acquired from the Indonesian government. The Trend team then combined the unique talents of Dick (regional geology), Norm Foster (aerial photography), Shelby Dark (seismic), and Jim Wilson (drilling and production), to drill four Miocene reefs in the dense jungle of Irian Jaya. These discoveries have produced over 450MMBO. Ultimate success could not have been achieved without the decision of the Trend President, Tom Jordan, to fully commit company financial and personnel resources to the project.

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