For many years prior to joining Thomasson Partner Associates, Larry McPeek had a successful career exploring for oil and gas in the Rocky Mountains. At TPA, when the team was asked if anyone had a gas prospect, Larry responded that he had one he’d been trying to acquire for years, but the acreage was held by production. TPA proceeded to purchase the existing production and acreage. With partner Barrett Resources, they drilled, rediscovered and developed the Cave Gulch Field, an extension of the Waltman Field in the eastern part of the Wind River Basin, Wyoming. This one TCF field is just 3 square miles in area and produces from Fort Union, Lance, Meeteetse, Mesaverde, Frontier, Muddy and Lakota sandstone reservoirs. Larry determined that the original operators hadn’t fully understood the discontinuous nature of the shallow producing fluvial reservoirs in the Fort Union, Lance and Meeteetse sections. He recognized that closer well spacing was needed to effectively drain the natural gas present on the structure. This concept became essential to the development of tight gas sandstone plays.

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