John Martin, entrepreneur and business owner, led the team that successfully advanced the technique of multistage hydraulic fracturing to develop the tight gas reservoir sandstones in Jonah Field in western Wyoming. The Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation is the reservoir, and is composed of thick interbedded shales and stacked fluvial channel sandstones. The trap at Jonah Field is contained within bounding faults that seal the overpressured gas column from regionally underpressured rock. Instead of using one fracture treatment for the entire gas accumulation, John’s team succeeded by doing a staged series of hydraulic fracture treatments in multiple high net-sandstone intervals. In addition, they successfully increased their reserves and ultimate production by downsizing well spacing from 160 to 40 acres. The technique of multistage hydraulic fracturing has become the standard for the development of most tight gas sandstone reservoirs and is now widely used in shale gas and oil plays.

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