100th Anniversary Committee

In anticipation of the 2017 AAPG centennial celebration – specifically pointing to the Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Houston and beyond – the 100th Anniversary Committee was organized in 2004 as an ad hoc committee per the suggestion of 2017-18 AAPG President Charles Sternbach.

The committee’s purpose was to organize an ambitious series of events to celebrate the Association’s history, but also to create products that could be used by the membership as part of their daily workflow – and for use in training future generations of petroleum geoscientists.

Charles served as the committee’s founding chair, and convened annual planning meetings from 2004 to 2010 with broad-based committee members to discuss projects and deliverables for membership. As the committee matured, Ed Dolly (2017 Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award recipient) became the chair in 2010, and then past AAPG presidents Steve Sonnenberg and Paul Weimer jointly chaired the committee beginning in 2013.

Paul Weimer, PhD Paul Weimer, PhD Co-Chair 2017-2018 University of Colorado
Edward D. Dolly Edward D. Dolly Co-Chair 2017-2018
Randi Susan Martinsen Randi Susan Martinsen Committee Member 2017-2018 Hydrocarbon Insight, LLC
Charles Alan Sternbach Charles Alan Sternbach Committee Member 2017-2018 Star Creek Energy Company Inc
Stephen A. Sonnenberg, PhD Stephen A. Sonnenberg, PhD Committee Member 2017-2018
Richard Dale Fritz Richard Dale Fritz Committee Member 2017-2018 Council Oak Resources, LLC

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